Craving for a sumptuous Burger King Whopper? Interestingly, Burger King now comes with an app that gives you a lot of convenient ways to enjoy your favorite Burger King meals without dealing with the long queue of people. The Burger King app gives you five convenient ways to order your meal. You can use the app to have your food order delivered to your home, you can use the app for express pickup service, use the app for a Drive-Thru or a Curbside. If you are a big fan or if you are a frequent Burger King customer, this app is definitely something you must have. Feel free to download the Burger King app and see what else it has to offer.

burger kingHow do Burger King App works?

Using the Burger King app is not as complicated as it sounds. Like many popular fast-food restaurants today, Burger King is also embracing the digital age. The Burger King app and its core function are no different from the other online delivery service app. Simply download the app either from Google Play or the Apple AppStore. Once you have downloaded the app, it will ask you first to sign up for an account. Simply input your full address location, payment details, and many other essential information. The Burger King app comes with a simple and user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate.

Located on the lower-most portion of the screen are five different icons that will give you access to Home, Offers, Order, Reorder, and Restaurants. The Home icon serves as your default dashboard that provides an overview of all the features of the Burger King app. This page might display the current promos, the newest products, and many others. To view the latest offerings of Burger King including promos, top sellers, and other great deals, you simply need to access the Offer page of the app.

burger kingGet Your Food Order Your Way

To place your order simply tap the Order icon and it will ask you to choose the size of the meal you want to buy. It will list down all the available meals you can order from the popular Whopper meal to their best-selling Chicken Fries. Tap your choices, input the desired quantity, and confirm. Interestingly, Burger King will give you five available options to get your order. Probably the most convenient of them all is the home delivery service. Here, you can have your food order delivered to your home. The second option is the Express pickup. Similar to how Subway app works, this pickup service allows you to skip the long line of people. Simply set up your order, select your desired Burger King branch, settle the payment, and pick up the order from the restaurant in no time.

Drive-Thru service is very much the same as the Pickup option. Here, instead of stopping by the counter, you just have to pass by and pick up the food at the Drive-thru. Dine-In option, on the other hand, also prevents you from dealing with a long queue. Order your meal ahead, visit the shop, reserve the slot, and have your food be sent to your table. The Curbside option works the same way with Dine-in and Home Delivery. Instead of going inside the restaurant, you just have to park your car and have the food order dropped off while you park. All options, by the way, are subject to availability. Some shops are not offering the same number of services.

burger kingVerdict

If you are a big fan of Burger King, this is definitely an app you can confidently add on your device. The app comes with an overwhelming number of convenient options to order your favorite Burger King meals. Thanks to its simple and user-friendly interface, everyone can use the app without ease. Above all, the app allows you to grab interesting deals, coupons, and discounts too. Currently, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download the app absolutely for free.