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How to Download Google Play Services

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Google Play services
Google Play services
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How to Use Google Play Services

  1. Google Play Services act background service and API package for an Android Operating system. It also provides a great number of Google Services for Android apps.
  2. Although most phones come with pre-installed Google Play Services, there might be instances that the app is accidentally removed or uninstalled.
  3. To get started, simply download the Google Play Services app from the Google Play Store.
  4. Unlike a standard app, Google Play Services is just a background service and you do not have to interact that much once you have installed it on your phone.
  5. What really makes Google Play Services very important is the fact that it is used to update all installed apps on your device.
  6. Through this app, you can update all apps in just one tap. Just head over to Google Play Store, access your Installed Apps, and tap the Update button that you can find beside each app.
  7. Google Play Services provides other services like authenticating Google Services, enhancing app experience, synchronizing contacts, provides the latest security patches, and more.
  8. Another key feature of Google Play Services is to add competitive and social experience in most mobile games. This is done through interactive leaderboards, achievement system, and multiplayer sessions.