Credit Karma

Planning to loan money from a lending company? Are you applying for a car loan? How about a home loan to buy a new house? If you do, then you must have a good credit score to give a higher chance to be approved by lending companies or banks proving mortgage loans. This is where Credit Karma goes in. The core function of Credit Karma is to give users free access to their credit scores. Interestingly, Credit Karma can also provide free credit score monitoring and reports from TransUnion and Equifax. The app is loaded with many useful features including the Credit Karma Savings and Free ID Monitoring to keep all your personal information safe and secure from hackers.

Credit KarmaHow Does Credit Karma Works?

Credit Karma is not really complicated at all. To get started, simply download the app either from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore. Once done, you now have to create an account with Credit Karma. Simply input all the required details to verify and confirm your account. It will only just take a couple of minutes to signup. After creating the account, Credit Karma can now pull your credit reports from TransUnion and Equifax. They will highlight all the important items and details to help you understand the reports a lot easier. Your reports can be updated weekly, and you can check as often as you want.

Credit Karma comes with a simple and user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate and explore. You can access all the information you need in just a few quick taps on your mobile screen. Credit Karma can show your credit scores from TransUnion and Equifax, along with a breakdown of factors that can impact your credit score. On top of that, the app gives you excellent recommendations and free credit monitoring. The system uses its data to analyze your credit profile and make product recommendations that could help you save money.

Credit KarmaFree Credit Monitoring and Credit Karma Savings

The app comes with an overwhelming number of useful tools to help you. Aside from providing you free credit scores and reports which can be updated on a regular basis, Credit Karma also comes with free ID and Credit monitoring. The app allows you to spot potential identity theft and give you tips for keeping your personal information safer. On top of that, they can also offer Free credit monitoring service where you will get notified when important changes happened to your Equifax or TransUnion credit reports.

The app will also introduce you to the so-called Credit Karma Savings. This encourages users to open a savings account with Credit Karma and it only takes minutes to set up. You can start earning a high-yield interest rate that is optimized across a network of more than 800 banks! There is also a new Relief Roadmap feature that allows you to connect with government stimulus programs, unemployment benefits, debt relief opportunities, loan options, and more. If you are planning to buy a new house, Credit Karma can also calculate how much home you can afford and see personalized home loan offers and get a mortgage pre-qualification letter.

Credit KarmaVerdict

A credit score is very important and managing it can be a challenge. Credit Karma is indeed a handy app that you can use in various ways. If you are applying for a loan, a new credit card, or you want to buy a brand new car or a new house, this app comes with many useful tools you can take advantage of. Best of all, the services being offered by Credit Karma are absolutely free. With their excellent recommendations, you can surely save a lot of money and time. You can also keep your accounts safe with their Id monitoring features. Credit Karma has over a hundred million active users which only indicates that they are one of the well-trusted companies when it comes to this line of business. Currently, the Credit Karma app is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download the app for free.

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