Facebook Lite

With over 1.69 Billion users worldwide, it is undeniably that Facebook is one of the most popular mobile apps of this generation. We have witnessed the overwhelming success of Facebook and how it grew from being a simple communicating app to an app with a universal purpose. The app is constantly improving delivering us with more impressive and useful features. Recently, we were introduced to a virtual marketplace where users can buy and sell goods. There’s also a Dating feature where you can easily find people that match the same interests with you. With all amazing features in one app, users might encounter some performance issues especially if the model of their devices doesn’t match with the app’s system requirements. Also, people who find themselves in 2G condition or slow mobile data connections will have a hard time accessing the app. This is where Facebook Lite comes in.

facebook liteHow Does Facebook Lite Works

Facebook Lite is basically a separate app by Facebook but it comes with a very simple interface yet packed with all the classic Facebook features. As what the title suggests, it is the Lite version of Facebook that is merely designed to allow users to access their Facebook accounts despite the weak internet connection or 2G conditions. Also, the app will help users save space on their phone. Aside from the user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface, Facebook Lite will feature all the classic Facebook functions that most of us use on a daily basis.

Facebook LiteClassic Facebook Functions

Simple and straightforward app! I guess that is how you can perfectly describe Facebook Lite. The app will give you all the classic Facebook functions we all love and enjoy including access to your News Feed, ability to Create or Post Status, Like and Share your friend’s posts, and also the ability to leave comments. On top of that, Facebook Lite also allows you to upload photos directly from your phone gallery. If you are the type of person who only uses Facebook’s basic functions, this app is absolutely a perfect fit. Facebook Lite allows you to send personal messages to your friends without the need to download a separate Messenger App.

Interestingly, it also allows you to view your latest Newsfeed and read posts shared by your Facebook Friends without ease (as long as you have a stable Internet connection). You also get active notifications from Facebook Lite to keep you updated with your account.

Facebook LiteAdvantages of Using Facebook Lite

Function-wise, the main Facebook app is definitely way far beyond Facebook Lite. However, there are great reasons why you must still consider having a separate Facebook Lite app on your device. Those users with very limited phone storage will surely find Facebook Lite extremely handy. With less than 2MB download size, you can install this app on your phone in no time. Facebook Lite is also wonderfully optimized for mobile devices and is designed to consume lesser mobile data. So if you find yourself in a place with a slower internet connection, you can confidently access the app without worrying about huge data consumption.


Simplicity is probably the greatest strength of Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite might be missing some of the wonderful features of Facebook but the fact that it has all the basic functions makes it worth a download. After all, the app will not hurt your phone storage at all. Those with lower-end devices or those with limited phone storage will surely find this app extremely beneficial. It also works like a charm if you find yourself in an area with a poor internet connection. Currently, Facebook Lite is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this app for free.

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