GO Keyboard

It is always nice to give your phone its own vibe and personality. Good thing, there is now an overwhelming number of apps that you can download from the Play Store that allows you to customize and personalize your device. Go Keyboard is a special personalization app that doesn’t just provide tons of colorful keyboard themes but it can also make your conversation with friends and family more engaging through its personalized emojis and stickers. If you are tired and bored with the standard keyboard on your phone, feel free to explore this app and see what exactly Go Keyboard has to offer.

Go KeyboardHow does Go Keyboard Works?

Go Keyboard comes with a huge library of different keyboard designs and themes to choose from. The app also comes with a simple interface that you can easily navigate and explore. Simple download the Go keyboard app either from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to get started. The first step to get full access to Go Keyboard is to activate the Go Keyboard itself. The app will prompt you to your keyboard settings and you just have to switch from your default keyboard to Go Keyboard. After activating the Go Keyboard, you may now start using the app and customizing your phone.

Interestingly, the Go Keyboard app features custom designs that you can have with personalized backgrounds. There are also several fonts and key tones that you can add directly to your preferred layout. If you cannot decide on what you want for your interface, there are several ready-made theme keyboards and several categories to choose from. These categories include lovely, cool, fictional, geek, fantasy, and more. Some layouts are made for specific holidays or events.

Go KeyboardPersonalized Avatar and Emojis

One of the newest offerings of Go Keyboard is the ability to create personalized avatars. This particular feature reminds me of the Bitmoji app. Here, you can take a picture using the camera and the app will create an avatar that looks like you. After doing so, you can personalize the avatar by changing its body and facial features based on your personal preferences. You can also provide your avatar with its own personality through tons of different outfits the avatars can wear.

Much like Bitmoji, you can use these personalized avatars to create unique emojis or stickers. Since Go Keyboard will be integrated with all your messaging apps, you can share your personalized emojis and stickers with your friends and family through apps like iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and many more. The app supports more than 40 languages and you can adjust your keyboard according to your language preference. The app is up to date and supports swipe typing, auto-correction, and next-word prediction.

Go KeyboardVerdict

Go Keyboard is a simple yet fun-to-use personalization app. It provides your phone with a different vibe and personality and it also makes your conversation more engaging. The new feature that allows you to personalized or creates your own avatar is indeed an interesting addition that makes your conversation a lot more colorful and entertaining. If you want to get full access and embrace the app’s amazing features, you can also upgrade your account and subscribe to their monthly or yearly fee-based plans. Currently, Go Keyboard is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download the app for free. Cheers!

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