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How to Download Google Chrome

Follow the widget below to download Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


How to Use the Google Chrome App

  1. The Google Chrome app for mobile generally works the same way as its PC counterpart.
  2. Open the Google Chrome App from the App Drawer.
  3. You will be given the option to sign in using your existing Google Account. This will help you sync all your activities across all the devices you are using.
  4. To conduct a Search, simply input the text or your query at the search bar. You can also access a specific website by typing the URL directly to the address bar.
  5. To open a new tab, tap the 3 dots icon at the top right corner and select New Tab.
  6. To access Incognito for private browsing, tap the 3 dots again and select the New Incognito Tab.
  7. A new tab will also display some of your recently visited websites for easy and quick access.
  8. The Discover section also displays the most recent and relevant news based on your current location.
  9. To create a Shortcut to a specific website, simply visit the website of your choice, tap the 3 dots icon on top, and select Add to Home Screen.
  10. To Bookmark a page, visit the particular website of your choice, tap the 3 dots icon, and then tap the Star icon. You can access the pages you bookmarked by doing the same steps as above but select the Bookmarks option instead.

Note: Google Chrome app also features Voice Search, smart personalized recommendations, safe browsing, cross-platform synchronization, and more.