Google Earth Android

How to Download Google Earth

Follow the widget below to download Google Earth for Android

Google Earth
Google Earth
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

How to Use Google Earth

  1. Launch the Google Earth App from your app drawer.
  2. Google Earth can be freely used even without signing in but you still have the option to sign up or log in using your existing Google account.
  3. The app will immediately prompt you to the interactive 3D globe map.
  4. To start exploring places, simply zoom in the globe until you get the right imagery. The app will give you all the details you need about particular places and some interesting trivia about them.
  5. You can also access educational tools like the Voyager.
  6. To access the Voyager, simply tap the small ship’s wheel icon on top of the main screen. This prompts you to a new page which is sorted in various categories such as Editor’s Pick, Games, Layers, Street View, Nature, Culture, Travel, and Education.
  7. Tap your preferred category and it takes you to various places that you might want to explore.
  8. If you are targeting to search for a specific area or country, you can simply use the Search feature and input the place you want to explore.
  9. To explore random places on Google Earth, tap on the Feeling Lucky page to roll the dice and let Google Earth explore places randomly.
  10. Users can also check the distance between one place to another similar to how Google Maps works.