Google Earth

Who would have thought that you can actually explore the world in just a few quick taps of your fingertips? Well, we may not be able to do it physically but Google Earth will let us explore the world and embrace its beauty! Especially now that traveling is limited due to the ongoing coronavirus global pandemic, Google Earth will keep our adventurous spirit alive! Google Earth is a unique app that features a 3D representation of the earth based on satellite imagery. This app wonderfully takes you to whatever place you want in just a few swipes. You will be surprised by what you can discover using this app, most of which are simply beyond expectations.

Google EarthHow does Google Earth Works?

The core function of Google Earth is nothing more but to let the user explore the world using its 3D virtual representation. You can move from one continent to another in just a few quick taps on your mobile screen. Using Google Earth is not really complicated at all. It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate and explore. Simply download the app either from the Google PlayStore or Apple Appstore to get started.

Google Earth comes with interactive features that allow you to dig deeper and explore places more extensively. It will not just show you the actual satellite imagery but also provides relevant information about them which makes this app very educational. Once you downloaded the app, you will be prompted immediately to the interactive 3D globe. To start exploring places, simply zoom in the globe until you get the right imagery. The app will give you all the details you need about particular places and some interesting trivia about them.

Google EarthExplore The World with the Voyager

Voyager is one of the unique features of Google Earth that you can freely explore. This tool will not just tour you around the globe but also educates you by giving you all the relevant information about specific places, landmarks, or more. To access the Voyager, simply tap the small ship’s wheel icon on top of the main screen. This prompts you to a new page which is sorted in various categories such as Editor’s Pick, Games, Layers, Street View, Nature, Culture, Travel, and Education. Tap your preferred category and it takes you to various places that you might want to explore.

There are many ways to explore places using Google Earth. If you are targeting a specific area or country, you can simply use the Search feature and input the place you want to explore. The Feeling Lucky feature allows you to roll the dice and let Google Earth explore places randomly. Google Earth also features games like trivia, fun quizzes, and even RPG simulation starring Carmen Sandiego. You can also view specific streets as captured by the Google Street View. Users can also check the distance between one place to another similar to how Google Maps works.

Google EarthVerdict

Simple, fun, and absolutely educational! I guess this is how you can perfectly describe Google Earth. It is fun not just for kids but also for adults. What you can discover using this app is simply beyond imagination. You might discover a remote island that is not known to many of you might as well learn an interesting trivia that not all people are aware of. It is simple and very easy to use and it comes with many great features like Voyager that gives you more reasons to include this app on your device. Currently, Google Earth is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this app absolutely for free.

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