iHeartRadio iOS

How to Download the iHeartRadio app

Follow the widget below to download iHeartRadio for iOS

How to Use the iHeartRadio app

  1. Open the iHeartRadio App from your app drawer.
  2. Sign in using your existing iHeartRadio account by tapping the “log in” button. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one using the app itself. Simply tap the Create Account button to register. You can sign in using your active email address or you can simply sign in using either your Facebook or Google Account.
  3. After signing in, you will be prompted immediately to the main dashboard which will give you quick access to pages like For You, Library, Radio, Playlists, and Podcasts.
  4. Tap the For You page to see all the personal recommendations, recently played channels, or recommended music based on your preferred genres.
  5. Tap the Your Library icon to access all your recently played stations and podcasts. You can also access radio stations that you Liked from this page.
  6. Tap the Radio button to access all the radio stations near your location. Aside from local radio stations, it gives you access to featured Astists Radio and as well as access to all the available radio stations.
  7. Tap the Playlist button to create and access your personal playlist as well as the recommended playlist based on your preferred genre.
  8. Tap the Podcasts button to give you access to some popular podcast channels, top recommendations, and more. They are also sorted based on their categories.
  9. Using the iHeartRadio app, you can also create personalized music stations based on your favorite artists using our library of millions of songs covering genres like Country, Top 40, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, EDM, Rock, Alternative, Folk, Gospel, Christian, Dance, Classical, Indie, and more. To take full control of your listening experience, you can also upgrade your account and subscribe to any of the affordable iHeartRadio plans where you can stream music without any interrupting advertisements.