Letgo is an online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell items. As what the title of the app suggests, letgo encourages you to let go of the items that you rarely use and sell it instead. Instead of putting up a garage sale, you can conveniently sell them using letgo. The app takes you to an online community or market where you can sell and buy stuff from second-hand electronics, furniture, or used cars, and many more. You will be surprised by what else can you find from this online market. Whether you are planning to sell your stuff or you are looking for pre-loved items in cheaper deals, letgo is definitely a platform to go to.

letgoHow does letgo Works?

Much like its leading competitors like OfferUp, letgo generally works the same way. This app offers a simple and user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate and explore. Simply download the app either from the Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store to get started. The first step is to create an account. You can sign up in letgo using your Google Account or your Facebook account. After setting up your profile, the app will now give you access to the marketplace. Located below the dashboard are four main tabs to explore; Browse, Notifications, Chat, and Listing. If you are a buyer and looking for a specific item to buy, simply head over to Browse page

The items on this page are sorted based on their respective categories including Cars, Real Estate, Jobs and Services, Electronics, Home and Garden, Sports Leisures and Games, Motorcycles, Fashion and Accessories, Baby and Child, Movies, Books and Music, Others and Featured Items. If you are going to sell an item, simply tap the “Sell your Stuff” button and it will immediately open the in-app camera. Take a snap of your product and provide all the required details before finally posting it on the online marketplace. You can monitor your products under the Listing page.

letgoBest Buy And Sell Platform

All the notifications will be sent to your Notification page. This will display all the likes you get from various buyers. If a buyer is interested in your item, they can contact you via chat. letgo is the perfect online marketplace to buy and sell locally! No need to visit a used car dealership or thrift store to find the best local deals! Here you’ll find a wide selection of used cars for sale, home goods, used electronics, vintage clothes, used furniture, used books, sports equipment, and real estate for sale or rent.

Unlike other online selling platforms, letgo comes with an easy payment system. In fact, the transaction is mostly based on the seller’s preferences. They can dictate which payment method they prefer or if they are willing to do Meetups or CoDs (Cash on Delivery). Customers can also leave their feedback and reviews which allows future buyers to identify which sellers are reliable and which ones have a bad reputation. The same thing goes with the sellers, they can rate their customers so other sellers can identify which buyers to trust.


Letgo is a very practical app. It is easy to use and it comes with a very simple interface that everyone can easily navigate and explore. Using this app, you can easily buy or sell stuffs in just a few quick taps of your fingertips. letgo is one of the biggest and fastest-growing apps to buy and sell locally. Over 100 million downloads and 200 million listings and counting which gives this app a great reputation. We are not sure yet what will happen to the marketplace after letgo was acquired by OfferUp but in the meantime, feel free to explore this amazing online marketplace. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download it for free.

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