PicsArt is an incredible photo editing app that comes with an overwhelming number of amazing tools that you can freely use. With over 1 billion downloads worldwide, it is undeniable that PicsArt is currently the best all-in-one photo and video editor on mobile today. Interestingly, the app allows users not just to edit still photos but they can also edit videos. The app offers more than 3000 photo editing tools which will exert the best of your creativity. From creative filters to awesome collage layouts, and more! This is definitely your go-to app to edit your photos and videos right in front of your mobile screen. Feel free to explore PicsArt and see what else this amazing app has to offer.

PicsArtHow Does PicsArt Works?

Whether you are the type of person who loves to take snaps or you want to take your artistic skills to a new level, PicsArt offers remarkable features that you will surely enjoy. It has powerful image editing tools that allow you to improve photos through a huge collection of filters and effects. There’s also a feature that allows you to make a collage and an amazing Drawing Tool that allows you to express the best of your creativity. Interestingly, PicsArt offers a very simple interface that you can easily navigate and explore. Simply download the app either from the Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store to get started.

One of the main features of PicsArt is Image Editing. From the main menu, simply hit the Plus (+) button on the lower center to access the main tab. Just tap the “Edit” icon and the app will prompt you to its image editing tool. You can get the image from your Gallery or you can take a snap directly from your phone camera. Here, you can start editing the photo in many different ways. You can apply effects, use beautify effects, add stickers, add texts, use brushes, add border, masks, use the drawing tool, or use a wide array of editing tools. Once done, you can save the photo on your gallery or share it with any social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

PicsArtEdit Videos, Make Collages, and More

PicsArt is more than just a photo editing app. It is also capable of editing videos. The app allows you to edit videos or make them from scratch using outstanding video makers with music. The output will fit well on video sharing apps like Tiktok or Snapchat. It features a huge library of music and it can also generate AI music that creates royalty-free music just for you. Aside from the effects, you can also take advantage of other video editing tools like crop, merge, or square fit so you can seamlessly share the videos on your Instagram.

Another neat feature you can use when you download PicsArt Photo Studio is the Collage. Just tap the Collage icon from the main tab and get the access to PicsArt Collage feature. There are three types of Collage Tool to choose from; Grid, Freestyle, and Frame. PicsArt’s Draw feature is what will surprise you the most. Draw, as what the title suggests allows you to draw pictures. It actually works the same way with PhotoShop and GIMP where you can create multiple layers, add and combine multiple images together, create sketches with a wide array of virtual brushes to choose from, and many more.


PicsArt is indeed an excellent photo editing tool. It comes with an overwhelming number of editing tools for both Photos and videos. To gain access to its premium content, you can upgrade your account to PicsArt Gold. Some premium access includes amazing filters that can transform simple photos into pro-looking shots. If you are looking for an impressive photo editing app, PicsArt is something you can confidently include on your mobile. Currently, PicsArt is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing app for free.

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