Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms today but unlike the leading competitors like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Pinterest delivers a very unique approach and targets a unique market. Pinterest is generally an app that provides you with tons of creative ideas whether you are looking for ideal home interior design, a delightful recipe for holidays or some impressive DIY projects, and many more. It is a platform to find people that share common interests with you and that’s what makes this app incredibly unique and fun. It is more than just an app for socializing, creating a buzz, or sharing your latest photo, it is an app to showcase the best of your creativity!

PinterestHow Does Pinterest Works?

Interestingly, all the exciting elements from its original browser version are wonderfully captured to its mobile counterpart. The app is wonderfully optimized for mobile devices providing a neat and simple interface that you can easily navigate and explore. Simply download Pinterest from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to get started. The first step is to create your profile. You will be asked to sign up for an account where you can easily sync your Facebook or Google Account. Once done, the app will prompt you immediately to your dashboard showcasing your feed and quick access to various pages.

The feeds on your dashboard are generally the “pins” from the people you are connected with and the people you are following. You can also browse through various pins by searching specific items through the search bar. Those who are into fashion and lifestyle may surely find Pinterest a perfect platform. Through this app, you can browse different pins through different categories including Animals, Fashion, Weddings, Popular, Humor, and many others. Just pick anything that suits your taste.

PinterestSave Your Favorite Pins

Interestingly, Pinterest is more than just about lifestyle and fashion. The app has many other great things to offer. If you are into cooking, this is definitely a go-to app to find some of the most unique and creative recipes. Users can pin not just the photo of their dishes but they can also incorporate it with their recipes. Links from various pages can also be pinned from this app and you can access these pages in just a few quick taps of your fingertips.

If you want to share your own recipe, you can do so by creating your own pin. You can also compile all your pins by creating a board. There is also a feature called Group boards where Pinners can collaborate and decide what pin to add on the board. To interact with other Pinners, you can like the pins, repin them, or share the pin to your social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. Another great thing about Pinterest is the fact that you can use the app itself for future references. The app allows you to save your pins and tag them as your favorites and you are free to access them at any given time.


Pinterest and its unique target market is what separates the app from the rest. It is an effective platform that allows you to discover many creative ideas that you can definitely use in the future. The app allows you to express the best of your creativity and also to find people with the same interests. Whether you love fashion, lifestyle, cooking, and more, this is a perfect platform to discover new creative ideas. Currently, Pinterest is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing app absolutely for free.

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