Craving for a mouthful Subway sandwich and yet you can’t bear the long queue of people? Luckily, there is a way to skip that long queue and get your order in no time using the official Subway app. Subway is an express pickup app that allows you to order your all-time favorite Subway Sandwich online and pick it up from the nearest Subway outlet in your area. Through this express pickup service, you no longer need to fall in line and bear the long queue. Instead, you just have to pick up your order from the Subway Express Pickup counter and you are good to go! Aside from the express pickup, the Subway app is packed with many other interesting perks and services you can take advantage of.

How Does Subway App Works?

Subway App works the same way with other express pickup apps. Simply download the app either from the Google PlayStore or Apple Appstore to avail of the service. Once downloaded, the app prompts you to the dashboard that features three major buttons; Find, Order, and Pay. Tap the Find button to look for the nearest or closest Subway branch or outlet in your area. This will feature a virtual map that will highlight all the Subway branches in the area. Tap the Subway branch you prefer and it will pop a new window containing the address and a button to place your order.

After choosing the branch, tap the Start Order button to prompt you to the Ordering Form. Here, you can select your order from the sorted menu. It includes all the signature dishes of Subway including their signature sandwiches, wraps, Subway Fresh fit, breakfast meals, salads, drinks, and more. You can also save your recent order as your favorite and access them again on your next order. The final step is to add your order to the bag. Once done, tap the Checkout button and select the available payment option. Subway App allows VISA card, Apply Pay, Android Pay, and many others as payment method. After placing your order, the app will send you all the details including the pickup location and the estimated time of completion of your order.

Customize Your Order and Redeem Rewards

One of the best features of the Subway app is the ability to create your own sandwich based on your own preferences. Simply tap the sandwich of your choice and you can customize the order by choosing the ingredients you prefer. You can also save your creation so you can order it again in the future. Interestingly, aside from this amazing feature, Subway App also allows you to get the latest deals and coupons. Check the site regularly and grab the latest discounts to some of its popular menus.

Subway also comes with a reward system. Users can earn rewards for each and every order they made using the Subway app. You can win discounts, vouchers, and other great prizes at every purchase. Definitely a win-win situation which makes the app a great catch especially for frequent Subway customers.


If you are an avid fan of the restaurant then having this amazing Subway app is a must. This app is beneficial in many wonderful ways. First, it allows you to skip the long line and pick up your order in no time. Second, it allows you to customize your all-time favorite sandwich and save it on the app for your next order. Lastly, the app comes with a generous reward system that allows you to earn points in every purchase. You can also use the app to grab the latest discounts and coupons! Currently, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download it on your mobile for free.

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