GO Keyboard iOS

How to Download Go Keyboard

Follow the widget below to download GO Keyboard for iOS

How to Use Go Keyboard

  1. Launch the Go Keyboard app from your app drawer.
  2. The first step to get full access to Go Keyboard is to activate the Go Keyboard itself.
  3. The app will prompt you to your keyboard settings and you just have to switch from your default keyboard to Go Keyboard.
  4. After activating the Go Keyboard, you may now start using the app and customizing your phone.
  5. To change or customize your keyboard using the Go Keyboard app, go to your app, select the theme you want and download it.
  6. Once the download is done, go to Theme Settings and tap Select Theme. All the themes you have downloaded will be listed under My Theme. Select the theme you want and tap the Apply button.
  7. Once applied, your keyboard will automatically change. This will apply to all apps that are using your mobile keyboard including all the messaging apps on your phone.
  8. Go Keyboard app features custom designs that you can have with personalized backgrounds. There are also several fonts and key tones that you can add directly to your preferred layout. If you cannot decide on what you want for your interface, there are several ready-made theme keyboards and several categories to choose from.
  9. Using the app, you can also create personalized avatars and turn them into emojis and stickers.
  10. The app supports more than 40 languages and you can adjust your keyboard according to your language preference. The app is up to date and supports swipe typing, auto-correction, and next-word prediction.