Messenger Lite iOS

How to Download Messenger Lite

Follow the widget below to download Messenger Lite for iOS

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How to Use Messenger Lite

  1. Messenger Lite generally works the same with the Facebook Messenger app but comes with few limitations.
  2. Open the Messenger Lite from the app drawer.
  3. Sign in using your Facebook account.
  4. The app features all the basic messaging functions of Facebook Messenger except the access to My Stories and other camera function. You can send and receive messages, send multimedia like photos or short videos, create group chats, and engage in one-on-one voice and video calls.
  5. To Start a Chat, tap the People icon on the lower panel of the screen. Select the friend you want to chat with from the list, and input the message you want to send. Tap the arrow icon to send it.
  6. You can also attach various forms of multimedia by tapping the Camera or the Photo Icon. You can also send Emojis, documents, GIF images, and more.
  7. To make a Voice Call, input the contact’s name on the search bar, or simply select your preferred contact from your friend list. Once the chatbox is opened, tap the Phone icon to start making a call.
  8. To make a Video call, do the same procedure stated in Number 7 but tap the Video icon instead.
  9. To create a Group Chat, tap the plus icon on the bottom-right corner of the app. Select the Create a New Group option. Add people that you want to be part of the group. Name the group and start the conversation.