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Now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic, it is very important to keep our immune system strong and to keep our health in good shape. To do so, we should not miss our daily exercise routine and establish a good and healthy diet. While most gyms are not yet completely operational in observance with the COVID-19 outbreak, the absence of our fitness coaches will make it hard to monitor our progress. Luckily, we now have smart devices to help us not just to track our progress but also help us reach our fitness goals. Garmin, for instance, has a great line of products designed for running, cycling, and fitness tracking. If you happen to own any of their brilliant smartwatches, you will be required to install their Garmin Connect app to get full control of your devices.

Garmin ConnectHow does Garmin Connect app work?

Using the Garmin Connect app for the first time is not complicated at all. It works the same way with other fitness app and as long as the devices are properly configured, you can manage everything from your smartphone in just a few quick taps. Simply download the Garmin Connect app wither from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to start. Once downloaded, you will be asked to pair the app with any of your existing Garmin devices. You can browse the device, manually add the device, or scan for devices.

Once you’ve paired it up with a compatible Garmin watch, it prompts you to the home screen that gives you access to all the tools you can use to track your health and to achieve your respective fitness goals. The main screen or aptly referred to as the My Day Screen features all the latest activities you did within the day including the Steps count and the Sleep time. It also features a Calorie intake you made within the day and the remaining calories you need to reach your daily goal. The calorie counter, however, works only if you integrate the Garmin Connect with other fitness apps like FitnessPal. Garmin Connect also lists down all the activities you can do such as running, cycling, swimming, and more.

Garmin ConnectFeatures

My Day Summary– Take full control of your daily activities and track your progress through the My Day screen that highlights all your progress including the number of steps, amount of sleep, calorie intake, and more.

Customized Workouts– Create customized workouts and courses. Select the type of activities you can do to help you achieve your fitness goal.

Sync with other Fitness Apps– Sync with other apps like MyFitnessPal and Strava and embrace their amazing features using the Garmin Connect app.

Review Personal Records-Review personal records for steps, distance, and pace in just a few quick taps on your screen.

Badges – Earn badges for accomplishments to motivate you even more.

Garmin ConnectDownload & Install Garmin Connect

For Android

  1. Garmin Connect requires an Android version 6.0 or higher
  2. It has a Content Rating of (3+)
  3. For Android, the app size is 178 MB so it won’t really hurt much of your phone storage
  4. Garmin Connect requires a stable Internet connection.
  5. The app will ask you to grant permission to access Identity, Calendar, Contacts, Location, SMS, Phone, Photos/Media/Files, and more

For iOS

  1. Garmin Connect for iOS requires iOS version 12.0 or later
  2. This app is compatible with various Apple products (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)
  3. The Age Rating for Garmin Connect is (4+)
  4. Garmin Connect for iOS is currently on its version 4.34.4 with recent updates providing improvements, brand new offers, and more
  5. The download size for iOS is 771.4MB
  6. The app is available in multiple languages.

Download Garmin Connect