Adblock Plus iOS

How to Download AdBlock Plus

Follow the widget below to download Adblock Plus for iOS

‎Adblock Plus for Safari (ABP)
‎Adblock Plus for Safari (ABP)

How to Use AdBlock Plus app

  1. Adblock Plus is a mobile app that prevents you from any of the annoying, interrupting, and risky ads.
  2. Before downloading the app, make sure that you have a compatible mobile browser.
  3. For Android, Adblock Plus is optimized for Samsung Internet Browser while for iOS, the app is designed to work on the Safari browser.
  4. Simply download the Adblock Plus app by Eyeo GmbH either from the Google Play Store or the Apple App store to get started.
  5. Once downloaded, open your mobile browser (Samsung Internet or Safari), go to Settings, select “Extensions”, look for Content Blockers, and activate the Adblock Plus.
  6. After activating Adblock Plus on your mobile browser, you can now start browsing without those annoying ads.
  7. By default, Adblock Plus can block all annoying and irrelevant ads on your browser which allows you to land on pages that provide you the information you really need.
  8. They might show some “acceptable ads” but you can still control what you want to see or better yet block all ads if you want.
  9. You do not have to launch the app to make it work. You just have to open your mobile browser and activate the AdBlock plus feature.