GamePigeon iOS

How to Download GamePigeon App

Follow the widget below to download GamePigeon for iOS

Developer: Vitalii Zlotskii
Price: Free+

How to Use the GamePigeon app for iOS

  1. GamePigeon is considered to be an extension of the iMessage app on iOS which allows users to play interactive minigames within the conversation.
  2. To get started, make sure that you have the iOS device and you must install the iMessage app on your phone. Download the GamePigeon from the appstore.
  3. After downloading the app from the App Store, you just have to open the iMessage app, tap the A button (App Store button) and then tap the Plus button to add GamePigeon to your iMessage app drawer.
  4. To add the game to your conversation, head over to your iMessage App drawer, select the GamePigeon and it will list down all the available mini-games.
  5. Tap the game of your choice, hit Start and it will be sent immediately to your chatmate.
  6. The recipient of the message will be asked to play the game and the goal is to win the match by outscoring your opponent.
  7. Take note that the mechanics will vary depending on your chosen game but most of which is turn-based.
  8. Some of the available games include the 8-Ball pool, Mini Golf, Archery, Darts, Sea Battle, Chess, Gomoku, Word Hunt, Word Bites, Checkers, Anagrams, and many more.
  9. The app is constantly updated and there is a great chance to have a new game on every update.