JW Library Android

How to Download JW Library

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JW Library
JW Library
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

How to Use JW Library

  1. JW Library generally acts as a digital bible that comes in many different translations. It also features a huge collection of books and brochures for Bible study.
  2. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to get started.
  3. Take note that the JW Library App is completely free and you do not have to be part of any monthly subscription plans to access their content.
  4. To start, launch the JW Library app from your app drawer.
  5. The app prompts you immediately to the home screen that gives you quick access to your Favorites, Frequently Used tools, Teaching toolbox, latest publications, and more.
  6. To access the Bible, tap the Menu icon on the upper left corner. This will open another panel. Select the Bible from the list and select which translation or languages you prefer.
  7. To access other books and publications, head back to the menu, and select the Publication options. Here, you’ll find a collection of books, brochures, booklets, tracts, and article series.
  8. There are also instructions for ministry meetings and tools you can use for certain activities.
  9. Tap the Media option to access videos and audio materials you can use for various discussions and more.