LiveXLive iOS

How to Download LiveXLive

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‎LiveOne Music
‎LiveOne Music
Developer: Slacker, Inc.
Price: Free+

How to Use LiveXLive app

  1. LiveXLive (formerly known as Slacker Radio) is a music streaming app that provides you music, videos, and artists based on your personal preferences, current mood, or taste. The app features hundreds of interactive and hand-crafted music stations to choose from.
  2. To get started, download the LiveXLive app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  3. Once done, launch the LiveXLive app from the app drawer.
  4. It is interesting to note that LiveXLive is completely free but much like other streaming apps, the services are mostly supported by ads. You might, however, consider subscribing to their monthly plans for an ad-free listening experience. (These fee-based subscriptions come with other great features such as unlimited skips, HD music, offline listening, and the ability to customize your own playlist or stations.)
  5. The app will prompt you to the main screen with a navigation panel below the screen giving you access to Home page, Search, Video, and your Account.
  6. To start streaming, simply tap your favorite radio station and hit the play button.
  7. To search for specific stations, tap the search icon from the navigation panel. Input your query and wait for the results.
  8. You also have access to Live video streams of festivals and concerts from around the world
  9. Aside from the hundreds of interactive and hand-crafted music stations, LiveXLive features exclusive hosted audio and video shows every week for you to enjoy.