Bitmoji is a very special mobile app that comes with a very unique function. It is a spin-off app by Bitstrips ( a comic strip online generator) that allows you to create personalized stickers and emoticons and use it to various messaging apps. Generally, the main purpose of the app is to make your conversation more engaging, appealing, fun through funny and colorful stickers and emojis. What really makes it special is that these Bitmojis are not your typical and common emoticons. These are personalized and created based on your very own preferences. This app is definitely a great way to express emotions and feelings. You can literally add your personal touch by adding a cartoon avatar of yourself to make your conversation more exciting.

BitmojiHow Does Bitmoji Works?

Bitmoji is a very simple app and it doesn’t require any extensive technical knowledge to create your personalized stickers. The app comes with in-app editing tools similar to how you create an avatar on Bitstrips. Simply download the app either from the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore to get started. After downloading Bitmoji, the app will ask you to sign up either using an email or sign up using your Snapchat account. You will soon be asked to create your own avatar. To make it look like you, you will be asked to use the in-app camera to help the system recognize your facial features.

After taking a snap of your photo, the app will generate a virtual avatar. You can customize the avatar based on your personal preferences. The app comes with an overwhelming number of items you can apply for your avatar. You can customize the avatar’s skin tone, hair color, hairstyle, facial hair, eyes features, eyebrows, nose,  glasses, jaw, mouth, ears, cheek lines, makeup, headwear, body type, tops, bottom, footwear, outerwear, and more. There are thousands of possible combinations in this app which gives you avatar a unique identity.

BitmojiIntegrate with other Apps

The dashboard is divided into five main tabs; Stickers, Avatar, Fashion, Keyboard, and Merch. Stickers are your personalized emojis based on your personal avatar. If you want to change your Avatar features, simply tap the Avatar tab to start customizing. The Fashion page will showcase the newly arrived outfit for your avatar while Keyboard allows you to integrate Bitmoji to your phone and other apps. You have to enable the Bitmoji Keyboard in Language and Input Settings of your device. Once done, you may now use Bitmojis to any of the messaging apps on your device.

You can also share your personalized emojis to other apps like Facebook Messenger, Facebook Story, Skype, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Using Bitmoji in Snapchat allows you to use their Friendmoji feature. It allows you to create 2-person Bitmoji featuring you and your friend. Mix and Match is also an interesting addition that allows you to select each article of clothing individually and even choose the color that suits you best.


Bitmoji is a simple yet surprisingly useful app. If you want to make your online conversation more engaging and fun, Bitmoji is definitely the perfect third-party app to use. It comes with an overwhelming customizing feature that gives your emojis personal touch and uniqueness. It’s a fun way to send messages and it also gives you the option to send out a fun and hilarious stickers to your friends and family. Currently, Bitmoji available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing app absolutely for free.

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