For those who are looking for effective and easy ways to earn money while staying at home, you might consider using CashApp by Free International Calls App Ltd. The core function of this amazing app is to help you earn money easily by completing simple tasks online. Now that everyone is strongly encouraged to stay at home and adapt to the new work-from-home environment, many of us are still looking for a new way to earn money without going outside our house and taking all the risk. CashApp may not provide you a huge income but the earning you can earn from it by simply performing small tasks using your mobile device is still a great help. CashApp allows you to earn virtual credits by completing various online tasks and convert the credits to real money and cash them out using Paypal.

CashappHow CashApp Works?

Interestingly, CashApp is not as complicated as it sounds. While many apps today are quite deceiving and others are nothing but a scam, CashApp is one legit app that can help you earn real money. Simply download the application either from the Google Play or Apple AppStore. Once downloaded, you can use the app right away. Just be mindful that in order to cash out your money, the users are required to have a Paypal account. Now here’s how it works. The app will prompt you immediately to your main dashboard that comes with four main tabs you can navigate; Offers, Invites, Payout, and Settings.

Interestingly, the app comes with a very neat and user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate.  The tasks that you can perform can be seen when visiting the Offers page. This page will list down all the available tasks that you can complete to earn credits in return. They are being refreshed daily. Take note that these tasks will vary depending on demand. Some of which will ask you to watch videos, download games, play the games, and achieve various goals, answer surveys, reviewing apps, and many others. Each task comes with the corresponding number of credits and the amount will vary depending on the demand.

CashappConvert Credits to Real Money

Your earnings will depend on the number of credits you earn. Therefore, the more tasks you complete, the more credits you can earn. Aside from completing various tasks, you can also easily earn more credits by inviting more users. CashApp will provide you a personal referral code and you can start inviting friends through WhatsApp, SMS, or Facebook. Now you are probably asking how to earn real money from this app. Interestingly, the credits you earn from CashApp can be converted to real money and you can cash it out on your Paypal.

Cashing out earnings is not done instantly though. The app requires you to meet certain thresholds. Currently, here’s the app’s requirement. A user can earn 5$ upon reaching 5000 credits. You can earn 10$, 20$, and 50$ by earning 10000, 20000, and 50000 credits respectively.  CashApp is converting credits to real cash and you can cash out the money using your Paypal account. Therefore, you don’t need to link your bank details or any personal information to this app which makes it safer than any other app.


Simple and safe. I guess that is how we can perfectly describe CashApp. It is one legit app that can help you earn easy money by simply performing simple tasks using your mobile device. If you love playing mobile games, then you can take advantage of this app. Imagine earning money while doing the simple things you enjoy. Since there is no signup required and since the app will not ask any sensitive details, it is generally safe to use. Currently, CashApp is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download the app absolutely for free. Good luck!

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