Google Assistant

The use of virtual assistants at home or at work has become more and more popular nowadays. Apple comes with Siri while Amazon has Alexa. Interestingly, Google has entered the competition with its Google Assistant. Interestingly, like most virtual assistants today, Google Assistant comes with the same core functions. Your Google Assistant is ready to help anytime and anywhere you need it. It is packed with many amazing features that you can take advantage of. With its voice recognition technology, the app allows you to perform numerous tasks hands-free. Manage your schedule, get help with everyday tasks, control smart home devices, enjoy your entertainment, and many more!

Google AssistantHow Does Google Assistant Works?

Google Assistant is not as complicated as it sounds. This remarkable virtual assistant allows you to call, search, navigate, and do various tasks using only your voice command. Simply download the app either from the Google PlayStore or the Apple AppStore to get started. It is interesting to note that Google Assistant is integrated with other notable Google products. It means that when you download the app on your device, you can also get additional access to other Google products like Google Lens, Snapshot, and more.

The main dashboard of Google Assistant comes with three main icons below the screen. These icons will give you quick access to Google Lens, Voice Search, and the virtual Keypad. There is also a separate icon that gives you access to Snapshot. This feature allows you to see all the important things you need to get done in one place and see suggested next actions to accomplish them. All you need to do is to start your command with “Hey Google” and Google Assistant will do the job for you. You can ask many things to Google Assistant from telling a joke to play your favorite music via Spotify or any default music player on your phone.

Google AssistantPerform Numerous Tasks Hands-Free

Interestingly, Google Assistant can perform so many things and some of which are simply beyond expectations. Using this app and its voice command, you can easily manage your schedule and get help with your everyday tasks. The app is intelligently designed that gives you the ability to take full control of your smart home devices using simple voice commands. Like its leading competitors, Google Assistant recognizes you and understands the context of your commands and it will brilliantly react in an informed and smart way.

Google Assistant can be integrated with Google Play Music or other similar apps like Spotify. Play your favorite music anytime and anywhere using your simple voice command. You can also manage your emails and messages and let Google Assistant notify you of all the incoming messages you received on your phone. With simple voice commands, you can easily make calls, send text messages, and draft emails to your contacts. All your inquiries can be answered by Google Assistant and it will provide you all the best results from the various information about restaurants, map directions, weather forecasts, sports scores, language translations, how-to videos, and many more.

Google AssistantVerdict

Google Assistant definitely works like a charm. It is generally very simple to use yet it comes with many amazing features to explore. Thanks to Google’s line of products that can be integrated with Google Assistant, this app surely helps you in many different ways. Just say Hey Google followed by your command or inquiry and it will do the rest of the jobs for you. Currently, Google Assistant is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this app absolutely for free.

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