Google Assistant iOS

How to Download Google Assistant

Follow the widget below to download Google Assistant for iOS

‎Google Assistant
‎Google Assistant
Developer: Google
Price: Free

How to Use Google Assistant

  1. Interestingly, most Android phones already have pre-installed Google Assistant app while other apps (mostly Google products) are already integrated with some Google Assistant functions.
  2. There are two ways to access the Google Assistant app, you can either open the Google Assistant app from the app drawer or tap and hold the Home button of your phone.
  3. A small panel will appear that will ask you to say your command by starting it with phrases like “Okay Google” or “Hey Google”.
  4. You can also let “Hey Google” unlock your device when the Google Assistant recognizes your voice. To do so, head over to Settings, tap Assistant, turn on “Unlock with Voice Match”
  5. The main screen of the Google Assistant app features 3 main icons that give you quick access to Google Lens, Voice Search, and the virtual Keypad.
  6. There is also a separate icon that gives you access to Snapshot. This feature allows you to see all the important things you need to get done in one place and see suggested next actions to accomplish them.
  7. The app is intelligently designed that gives you the ability to take full control of your smart home devices using simple voice commands. To do so, integrate the Google Assistant app with other devices or applications such as Chromecast, Google Play Music, Spotify, Google Home devices, and more.

Note: Google Assistant can do an overwhelming number of things using only your voice commands. You can manage calls, texts, and emails, you can schedule and manage your calendar, update with sports and weather forecasts, and a whole lot more.