Google Home

Google Home is a simple yet highly innovative app that can seamlessly turn your house into a smart home. Interestingly, Google Home is a multipurpose app as it can perform numerous things with the help of your simple voice commands. Knowing that this is a product of Google, Google Home can be integrated with a great line of Google products including Google Assistant, Google Chromecast, and many more. It is generally the Google’s answer to Amazon’s Alexa as both apps work the same way. With the integration with Google Assistant, you can command your Google Home smart speaker a wide range of tasks from playing your favorite music to adjusting your thermostat, and more.

Google HomeHow Does Google Home App Works?

In order to take control of your Google Home smart speaker, you need to install the official Google Home app. Interestingly, this is the same app that you need to download to set up other Google Products like Google Chromecast and Google Nest. What really makes Google Home works like a gem is the fact that you do not need any remote control because everything can be done and configured using your very own mobile device. All you need is to do is to download the app and set up your devices. You can download the Google Home app either from the Google Play Store or the Apple Appstore.

Google Home app comes with a simple interface that you can easily navigate and explore. Setting up the devices is not complicated at all. To set up the Google Home smart speaker or the Google Nest device, simply tap the Get Started button. Make sure that the devices are already plugged in and your mobile device is already connected to a WiFi or Broadband network. The app will automatically look for the device. Once detected, tap the Set up new devices button and create a room. Tap next and you are good to go. You’ll be able to opt-out of some settings, like Voice Match or Personal results after you completed the setup.

Google HomeControl Everything in One Tap

After setting up the devices with the Google Home app, you can now activate their respective functions using simple voice commands. For Chromecast, you can start streaming videos and music by simply giving commands starting with “Hey Google”. You can also cast the Chromecast with other Chromecast-enabled devices like smart tv and more. The same thing goes with your Google Home smart speakers. Google Home can also be your time management buddy. Through this app, you can get daily help with your personal routines.

All it takes is one command and let your Google Assistant do the rest of the jobs for you. You can get curated daily snippets about your day which includes weather, calendar, commute, reminders, and news. Users can conveniently ask for traffic and travel times. You can also search for local places and ask for additional information about them. You can also get your schedule or ask about an event using the Google Calendar feature. The same thing goes with your scheduled flights. Users can get status updates regarding their upcoming flights. You can also get a shopping list or even shop directly using Google Home.

Google HomeVerdict

If you have lots of Google devices at home, having this app is extremely necessary. Whether it is a Google Home smart speaker, Google Nest, or Google Chromecast, you will be needing this app to take full control of these aforementioned devices. Generally, this Google Home app can seamlessly transform your house into a smart home where everything will automatically work using your simple voice commands or with just a few quick taps on your mobile screen. Currently, the Google Home app is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this tool absolutely free.

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