Google Play Store

If you have a smartphone powered by the Android operating system, then most likely, you have Google Play Store pre-installed on your phone. However, in some cases, some Android smartphones do not come with default Play Store. Some manufacturers promote their own app store just like Huawei that is now promoting their new Huawei App Gallery. Some phones also have an outdated version of Google Play Store which might require them to either update the app or reinstall it on their phone. Regardless of the reason, it is undeniable that Google Play Store is one of the number one sources of mobile apps!

Google Play StoreHow Does Google Play Store Work?

I guess Google Play Store is one of the most commonly used apps today and it doesn’t require much explanation. Simply open the app and it will prompt you immediately to the Play Store. If you are using a new device or if you are opening the Google Play Store for the first time, the app will ask you to sign in using a Google Account. You can use your existing Google account from your previous devices or you can create a new one. If you logged in using an existing Google Account, all your previous data can be accessed including your wishlist, the apps you have previously installed, the existing subscriptions, and more.

Google Play Store is relatively easier to use than the Apple AppStore and it doesn’t require users to input Device ID every time they need to download an app. It comes with a user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate and explore. Using the Google Play Store is very simple. The main dashboard will highlight the top-selling apps, the new apps, and the editor’s choice. Apps are also sorted in different categories like Entertainment, Movies, Apps, and Books. These apps are also categorized in their subcategories from Art & Design to Music & Video. You can also input specific apps through the search bar. Once you have found the app you want, tap the Install button and wait until it is completed.

Google Play StoreManage Your Apps with Google PlayStore

The Google Play Store will also give you full control of the apps you have downloaded. All the apps you have installed will be listed My Apps. You will also get notified if the app needs an update. Google Play Store will give you quick access to them. Simply tap the Update button to perform the updates. Those apps that come with fee-based subscriptions can also be managed using the Play Store. Using the app, you can simply add the payment method you desire. You can use your mobile data provider’s payment system or you can also link your account to Paypal or even your Credit card.

You can also cancel the subscription through Play Store. If you have redeem codes, you can also input them here to redeem your rewards. In the “My Play Activity” section, all your gaming activity will be recorded. For Parents, you can also supervise the child’s account through special parental controls. This enables you to block all apps that you do not want your kids to use or access.

Google Play StoreVerdict

Google Play Store is probably one of the most important apps that you must have on your device especially if you are an Android phone user. It serves as your one-stop-shop for all the apps you need. Although apps can be manually installed using APK, the risk is still present if they acquired the file on an unreliable source. Above all, it makes it easy to manage all the apps you have installed and updates can be done in just a few quick taps. Google PlayStore is of course, exclusively available for Android devices. You can download Google PlayStore in some reliable APK providers online.

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