Google Duo

While WhatsApp is currently dominating the video chatting game today, we can’t deny the fact that there are other apps on the market that offers equally satisfying and impressive features. Google Duo is basically Google’s answer to WhatsApp and serves as an upgraded replacement to their Hangouts. The core function of Google Duo is to allow users to engage in video calls in high definition. What really separates Google Duo from the competition is the overall simplicity and straightforward functions. The app is also loaded with other amazing features that users can freely explore to make their calls more engaging. Google Duo is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Google DuoHow Does Google Duo Works?

Simplicity is generally the greatest strength of this app. Simply download Google Duo either from the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore to get started. Interestingly, the app is considered to be one of the highest-quality video calling apps on the market today and it is not a bold claim at all. Based on technical studies that compared video degradation time over 3G, LTE, and Wi-Fi, Google Duo managed to perform well which makes it one of the reliable video chatting apps on the market.

The core feature of Google Duo is its video calling function. It provides a one-on-one video calling conversation in high definition. Interestingly, the app is also optimized for smartphones for group calling. The group call feature can accommodate up to 12 people in a group video call. The quality of the video call will never be compromised no matter how many people are on the line. Not to mention the ability to send various forms of media such as video clips, voice messages, photos, emojis, stickers, and more.

Google DuoMake Video Calls Between Android and iOS

Although Google Duo is a product of Google, the app is not just exclusive for Android devices. One of the interesting features of Google Duo is that it allows you to connect to other users even they are using a different operating system. You can seamlessly make video calls between Android phone and iO-powered devices. Whether you are on your phone, tablet, or on the web, you can stay in touch with Duo and engage them in a video call regardless of their phone’s operating system.

Interestingly, Google Duo comes with a fun video messaging feature too where you can leave a personalized video message. You can even input some colorful and funny effects with the video. If you are shy or if you cannot engage yourself yet in video calls, you can also use the Voice-only calls feature of Google Duo with your friends. There is also a Low Light Mode feature where you can still make HD video calls even in poor lighting conditions.

Google DuoVerdict

WhatsApp may be packed with amazing features but it is interesting to note that Google Duo is also loaded with equally impressive features. It is simple, reliable, and it works perfectly with devices like your smartphones, tablets, Google Nest, and on the web. To top it all, you can make calls between Android and iOS devices with no ease. Not to mention the group call features and personalized video message capabilities. Google Duo is currently available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing app absolutely for free.

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