Little Caesars Android

How to Download Little Caesars App

Follow the widget below to download Little Caesars for Android

Little Caesars
Little Caesars
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

How to Use Little Caesars App

  1. Open the Little Caesars App from the app drawer.
  2. To get full access to the app, you must sign in using your existing Little Caesars account or you can simply create a new account through the app itself.
  3. Simply tap the Join link to register a new account. Provide all the required information to verify and confirm your new account.
  4. Once done, you may now start placing your order.
  5. Select the nearest Little Caesars branch in your area. This will showcase a map with Little Caesars’ logos to indicate their location. You can also manually input your location to identify the nearest Little Caesars branch.
  6. Tap the Order Now button to see all the available Menu.
  7. Add your orders to Cart and select how you want to get your order. You can select between PickUp or Delivery.
  8. If you choose PickUp, you’ll be given with code or QR code which you will use to access the Pizza Portal. Select the Payment method and you are done!
  9. You will be notified if the Pizza is done and ready for pickup. All you need to do is to visit the Little Caesars shop and go straight to their Pizza Portal machine.
  10. If you picked the delivery option, your order will be delivered to your address.

Note:  Another interesting feature of the app is the Custom Pizza Builder. This allows you to customize your pizza the way you want it. Simply tap the Get Started button from the Create Your Own Pizza menu. This will showcase all the ingredients you want to be added to your pizza. Once done, hit the Add to cart button.