Viber Messenger iOS

How to download Viber Messenger

Follow the widget below to download Viber Messenge for iOS

‎Rakuten Viber Messenger
‎Rakuten Viber Messenger

How to User Viber Messenger

  1. Launch the Viber Messenger App from the app drawer.
  2. Sign in using your existing Viber account. If you do not have one yet, you can sign up for a new account using the app itself. (Unlike similar applications like Skype, this app will no longer require any time-consuming registration. The user ID will also serve as your username.)
  3. After a few verifications and granting access to your Phone’s Contacts, you may now start reaching out to your friends who also have a Viber account but if not, you can always invite them to join.
  4. There are three major tabs to navigate; Chats, Calls, and More.
  5. Tap Chats to access your previous conversations or to create a new one. Simply tap the purple chat icon to search for your contacts, create a new group, a new community, or a new broadcast list.
  6. Tap the Call icon to access your Phone’s contact list. Select the contact and start calling them. You can also tap the virtual dial pad to input the phone number manually.
  7. Tap the More icon to access features like the Sticker Market, Viber Out, Viber Local Number, Settings, and more.

Note: You can make your conversation more appealing by sending various forms of media such as images, emojis, video clips, audio recordings, and many others. The app also features cross-platform synchronization, self-destruct secret chat, and Viber Out (pro version).