Although most of the smartphones today come with a built-in weather forecast tool, not all can provide accurate weather information. This is where the app like AccuWeather comes in great hand. AccuWeather app is not just a portable platform to give you the most accurate weather forecast but also a tool that comes with many equally important functions such as the latest severe weather warnings, cloud cover, live radar, or even UV index. It is indeed an all-in-one weather tracker that you can confidently add on your mobile device. The most unique feature of this app is the so-called “MinuteCast,” which shows precipitation on a minute-by-minute basis. You’ll know exactly how long until the rain starts.

AccuWeatherHow does AccuWeather app work?

AccuWeather is one of the most well-known names in the weather game. The company was founded in 1962 and was able to establish a great reputation when it comes to weather forecasting. With such a reputation, you can only expect nothing but excellent and reliable weather information straight from your mobile device using its official mobile app. Simply download the app either from the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore to get started. Using the AccuWeather is not complicated at all. The app comes with a simple interface that users can easily navigate and explore.

If you are using the AccuWeather app for the first time, you must allow the app to use or access your location. Once done, it prompts you immediately to your home screen that will instantly display all the important weather information. Pages for the Accuweather app are divided into four navigational tabs including Today’s Forecast, Hourly, Daily, and Radar. You can also check the current weather status of other locations. The app can also provide accurate information like Wind, Max Wind Gust, Humidity level, Dew Point, Cloud cover, Visibility, and Cloud Ceiling. You can also access information about Dust & Dunder, and many more.


New and Improved Interface– The newly revamped user interface of the app offers a beautiful, streamlined layout with a stunning conditional background feature. The simple yet neat interface allows you to navigate and explore easily.

MinuteCast– The MinuteCast feature gives you a detailed minute by minute breakdown of the next two hours so you don’t miss a second of the latest weather updates.

Severe Weather Warnings– Be prepared for any weather event on the horizon. Get highs for today’s weather and tomorrow too with the Today Tonight Tomorrow feature or even get a 45-day outlook.

RealFeel & RealFeel Shade Temperature Technology– There is a Temperature contour technology that allows you to know the difference between how the weather looks and how it actually feels

Go beyond your local forecasts– AccuWeather provides a daily snapshot of vital stats and detailed live radar maps. Access hyper-localized mapping layers, including our temperature contour map, and live tropical storm radar. Plus, dew point, UV index, visibility, allergy, precipitation, air quality index reports, and more.

AccuWeatherDownload & Install AccuWeather

For Android

  1. AccuWeather requires an Android version 6.0 or later
  2. It has a Content Rating of (3+)
  3. For Android, the app size is 60.5 MB so it won’t really hurt much of your phone storage
  4. AccuWeather requires a stable Internet connection.
  5. The app will ask you to grant permission to access Location, Phone, Device ID, Microphone, Photos/Media/Files, Storage, and more.

For iOS

  1. AccuWeather for iOS requires iOS version 12.0 or higher/ watchOS version 5.0 or later
  2. This app is compatible with various Apple products (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)
  3. The Age Rating for AccuWeather is (4+)
  4. AccuWeather for iOS is currently on its version 14.2.1 with recent updates providing improvements, brand new offers, and more
  5. The download size for iOS is 132.8 MB
  6. The app is available in multiple languages

Download AccuWeather