Google Home iOS

How to Download Google Home

Follow the widget below to download Google Home for iOS

‎Google Home
‎Google Home
Developer: Google
Price: Free

How to Use Google Home

  1. Provided that you already have your Google Home smart devices with you, simply open the Google Home app from your phone.
  2. Interestingly, this is the same app that you need to download to set up other Google Products like Google Chromecast and Google Nest.
  3. To set up the Google Home smart speaker or the Google Nest device, simply tap the Get Started button.
  4. Make sure that the devices are already plugged in and your mobile device is already connected to a WiFi or Broadband network.
  5. The app will automatically look for the device. Once detected, tap the Set up new devices button and create a room.
  6. Tap next and you are good to go. You’ll be able to opt-out of some settings, like Voice Match or Personal results after you completed the setup.
  7. For Chromecast, you can start streaming videos and music by simply giving commands starting with “Hey Google”. You can also cast the Chromecast with other Chromecast-enabled devices like smart tv and more.
  8. You can also integrate the app with Google Voice and let your smart speakers perform tasks using your simple voice commands.
  9. Through this app, you can get daily help with your personal routines, manage phone calls, weather forecasts, calendar, and set important reminders. You can also search for local places and ask for additional information about them. You can also get your schedule or ask about an event using the Google Calendar feature.