Shimeji Android

How to Download Shimeji

Follow the widget below to download the Shimeji app for Android

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

How to Use the Shimeji App

  1. Shimeji is a unique app that transforms your mobile screen into something colorful and fun by adding interactive and draggable virtual mascots on your screen.
  2. To start, simply launch the Shimeji app from your app drawer.
  3. Once done, the app will prompt you immediately to the Main screen.
  4. The main screen will display 6 slots where 2 are instantly available by default while the rest can be unlocked by upgrading your account. Generally, users can have a maximum of six interactive mascots on the screen.
  5. You initially get free Miku and Neko mascots while the rest can be downloaded for free.
  6. To activate the app, you need to enable the Shimeji. You can just tap the slider to turn it on.
  7. Once done, the Shimeji will drop on the screen and will start moving around.
  8. You can tap and drag them wherever you want them to be.
  9. To change or add Shimeji, simply tap the available slot (marked with a plus sign). This will prompt you to a long list of available Shimeji that you can download.
  10. To download a new Shimeji, just tap the image of your choice from the list of available mascots. Just tap the “Tap to Download” link to activate them.
  11. You can also customize your visible Shimeji. Head over to settings and freely change their size and animation speed. You can also have them as a live wallpaper.