Transform your house into a smart home with SmartThings. Interestingly, SmartThings is another smart home hub that comes with a decent number of amazing features that allow you to take full control of your smart home devices. Much like any other smart home hub, SmartThings is also accompanied by an app that allows you to monitor, control, and automate your home from anywhere in the world in just a few quick taps on your mobile screen. The SmartThings app will put everything in one place. It comes with built-in wifi that makes the installation a lot easier. To top it all, it allows more automation that any other smart home hubs in the market today.

smartthingsHow does the SmartThings app Work?

First of all, you can only use this app if you own a SmartThings hub that connects directly to a home’s internet router and is compatible with communication protocols such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, and IP-accessible devices. Simply download the free SmartThings app either from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to get started. Once you have downloaded the app, you will be asked to sign up for a Samsung Account or simply log in using your existing account. This will prompt you to your dashboard. Simply tap the Plus symbol to add a new device. The first thing you need to do is to set up the Wi-fi.

Select SmartThings Wifi under the Wi-Fi/Hub category within Samsung. Tap the Start icon and choose a location for the device. Once done, choose a Room for the device and hit the Next button. This will now ask you to connect the hub to your modem using the provided Ethernet cable. After setting up the Wifi, you can now start integrating your smart home devices. The hub can connect to Zigbee and Z-Wave devices from 50-130 feet away (depending on the construction of your home). But because you can connect this hub to your router via Wi-Fi, placing it in the ideal location in your house is much easier.


Monitor– With SmartThings, you can connect and control multiple devices quicker and easier. No matter where you are, you can monitor and control smart devices, home appliances (refrigerator, wine cellar, washer, dryer, oven range, dishwasher, cooktop, robot vacuum, air conditioner, air purifier and etc.), TVs, and speakers registered on the server.

Reflection of your Home– The app also allows you to organize your home structures. Set up controls for different rooms.

Control– Remotely control and check the status of devices registered through a Wi-Fi AP and group multiple devices into a Mode and control them simultaneously.

Automations- You can also configure your device settings, including the time and operating conditions, and operate them automatically.

Consistent Navigation– You can easily navigate the app and take advantage of the drawer menu to access various functions.

smartthingsDownload & Install the SmartThings app

For Android

  1. SmartThings app requires an Android version 6.0 or later
  2. It has a Content Rating of (3+)
  3. For Android, the app size is 51.5 MB so it won’t really hurt much of your phone storage
  4. SmartThings app requires a stable Internet connection.
  5. The app will ask you to grant permission to access Contacts, Location, Camera, Identity, Photos/Media/Files, Storage, and more.

For iOS

  1. SmartThings app for iOS requires iOS version 11.0 or later
  2. This app is compatible with various Apple products (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)
  3. The Age Rating for SmartThings app is (4+)
  4. SmartThings app for iOS is currently on its version 1.6.51 with recent updates providing improvements, brand new offers, and more
  5. The download size for iOS is 564MB
  6. The app is available in multiple languages

Download the SmartThings app