Now that everyone is highly engaged on their mobile devices, online shopping has become more and more in-demand. It has become an effective platform for many businesses to attract more customers. When it comes to Consumer to Consumer marketplace, OfferUp is one of the first platforms that is made exclusively for mobile devices. Generally, the core function of this app is to connect consumers and help them find the greatest deals online. Through this platform, users can either sell their own products or buy items from sellers. With OfferUp, you can easily find great deals on the things you want and make money on the things you want to sell.

OfferUpHow Does OfferUp Works?

OfferUp comes with a simple and user-friendly interface that everyone can easily navigate. As mentioned above, the main function of this app is to serve as an online marketplace where users can sell or buy items. This online marketplace is wonderfully optimized for mobile devices where transactions can be done in just a few taps. If you want to sell an item, you just have to follow simple steps to post your product on the marketplace. To do so, open the app and tap the camera icon to snap some photos of your product. Once done, give your item a short yet convincing title and support it with all the necessary details (brand name, year, size, and more). Select the item’s category, set the item condition, input your price, and set the location.

You will also be asked to indicate whether you want to meet up in person or are open to shipping. Tap the Post button and you are all done! Buying an item is equally easy. Access the app and search for the specific item you want to buy. You can also filter the result based on the item’s category. Items can be a fixed price or it can also be negotiable. After selecting the item, tap the Make Offer button to start the transaction. The item may be available for you to pick up in person or get shipped to you. If both options are available, pick the one you prefer. Enter your payment info and address if prompted and tap the Confirm offer to send it to the seller.

OfferUpEasy Payment Options and OfferUp Community

The payment system for OfferUp is equally convenient for both buyers and sellers. The app comes with many easy payment options to choose from. OfferUp partners with the payment processor Stripe to enable sellers to accept electronic payment methods. Sellers can also get paid through an in-app payment system. You can easily get paid for shipped items by simply accepting electronic payments through OfferUp. The money will go securely to your bank account. You’ll never have to share email addresses, phone numbers, or bank account information, so the transaction stays private. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, and more.

The app has millions of users helping each other to make and save money around the nation and right in the neighborhood. It is also interesting to note that both sellers and buyers have their own reputation. Sellers can rate their buyers and buyers can rate the sellers. Through this system, buyers and sellers can easily identify who should they trust when buying or selling items.


OfferUp is one of the pioneers of the C2C mobile marketplace and was able to establish a great reputation among others. It is one of the earliest competitors to Craiglist. OfferUp doesn’t just offer a simple and easy to use buying and selling platform but it also offers fast and secure online transactions. With millions of active users, OfferUp is indeed one of the well trusted mobile marketplaces today. Currently, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this app absolutely for free.

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