Google Street View Android

How to Download Google Street View

Follow the widget below to download Google Street View for Android

Google Street View
Google Street View
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

How to Use Google Street View

  1. Google Street View is a navigation app that allows you to explore places virtually through its interactive panorama.
  2. If you have 360 Cameras like Ricoh Theta or Theta Z1, you can explore various record modes and convert your photos into connected Street View images when you publish to Google Maps.
  3. To get started, launch the Google Street View app from your app drawer.
  4. The app prompts you immediately to the home screen. The main screen features 5 tabs you can freely navigate including Featured, Explore, Profile, Private, and Contribute.
  5. To look around in Street View, drag your finger on the screen or tap the compass.
  6. To move around, swipe left or right. You can also swipe up or down on the blue line.
  7. To see a wider view and change to landscape mode, turn your device sideways.
  8. To zoom in, pinch open on the screen. To zoom out, pinch closed on the screen.
  9. To see Google Street View photos, you can either drop a pin or tap on a place marker on the map.
  10. To share a Street View image, tap the screen, then tap More (3 dots icon), then select share.
  11. You can use the Photo Sphere feature and use your own cellphone camera to take 360 photos!
  12. You can also add your own Street View for everyone to see. Head over to Contribute, connect your device to a 360 Camera, and start taking photos for everyone to discover.