ADP Mobile Solutions iOS

How to Download ADP Mobile Solutions app

Follow the widget below to download the ADP Mobile Solutions for iOS

‎ADP Mobile Solutions
‎ADP Mobile Solutions
Developer: ADP, Inc
Price: Free

How to Use ADP Mobile Solutions app

  1. Provided that your company or employer is using the ADP Solution for their payroll, you can download the ADP Mobile Solutions app on your device to allow you quickly review your pay stub and tax documents that are needed throughout the year.
  2. Launch the ADP Mobile Solutions app from your app drawer.
  3. The first step is to sign in. Take note that your user name and password will be the same as it is when logging in from work.
  4. Once signed in, the app prompts you to your dashboard. The icons on your home screen will vary depending on which applications the client subscribes with
  5. To view your Pay Statements, tap the Pay icon. This page allows you to view each pay statement, net pay, hours worked, and check dated. It also gives you access to your Tax Statements.
  6. To view Corporate Directory, select and tap the Directory icon from your home screen. To find a contact, in the Search field, enter the first three characters of the contact’s first or last name.
  7. Tap News to view the company’s news and events.
  8. Tap on Inbox to access your Portal Message Center tasks and notifications. Messages are display-only. You cannot act upon any message from within ADP Mobile Solutions.
  9. Tap on Retirement to view your active Retirement Savings plans and funds.
  10. Tap on Benefits to see all your benefit plans information.
  11. Depending on the ADP Mobile Solutions features that the client administrator has activated, client employees may have the ability to clock in and out or update their timesheets via ADP Mobile Solutions. The GPS Geo-Location feature allows a user to clock in within a geographical range of the user’s office location.