Auto Clicker Android

How to Download Auto Clicker

Follow the widget below to download Auto Clicker for Android

Auto Clicker - Automatic tap
Auto Clicker - Automatic tap
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

How to Use Auto Clicker

  1. Open the Auto Clicker app from your app drawer to start the setup.
  2. This app does not require any root access to integrate it with other apps.
  3. It will simply request access to the Accessibility service of your phone to make it work. Just turn on the Auto Clicker app and you are good to go.
  4. As what the title of the app suggests, the Auto Clicker app by the True Developers Studio allows you to integrate the auto clicker feature into any other apps. It means that instead of manually tapping the buttons, you only have to assign targets using this app and let the app do the rest of the job.
  5. To start, you need to select which mode you want to use; Single Target, Multi-Target, or Auto Swipe.
  6. Select Single Mode to do automated repeated taps on a single target. you will be asked to input your desired interval time between each click and set how long you want the app to run by tapping the Settings under the Single Target Panel.
  7. Select Multi-Target Mode to set multiple targets and let them run automatically in a sequence you specified.
  8. You can also set Auto Swipe. Just tap the Enable button under the Multi-Target Mode panel to start or hit the Settings for further configuration.
  9. After activating your preferred mode, you can now access any mobile games of your choice and activate the Auto Clicker anytime you want.