Auto Clicker


Idle and Clicker games are surprisingly becoming popular mobile game genres today. Most of these games are normally characterized by their overall simplicity. Despite the apparent simplicity of these clicker games, they are surprisingly addictive. Normally, in order to progress, players are encouraged to click on certain buttons infinitely to gain score. Believe it or not, due to the popularity of clicker games, many developers have come up with apps that are specifically designed for such games. The Auto Clicker app by the True Developers Studio allows you to integrate the auto clicker feature to any other apps. It means that instead of manually tapping the buttons, you only have to assign targets using this app and let the app do the rest of the job.

Auto ClickerHow does Auto Clicker Works?

Using the Auto Clicker app is not as complicated as it sounds. There is no need to apply any extensive technical skills or anything about codes just to make it work. This app does not require any root access to integrate it with other apps. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store to get started. Once done, the app will request access to the Accessibility service of your phone. Just turn on the Auto Clicker app and you are good to go. The app will prompt you immediately to your control panel. It comes with a very simple interface that you can easily navigate and explore.

To start, you need to select which mode you want to use. Single Target Mode allows you to do automated repeated taps on a single target at any location with any interval you specify. The first thing you need to do is to Enable the mode. You can change the interval time between each click and set how long you want the app to run by tapping the Settings under the Single Target Panel. Multi-Target Mode, as what the title suggests, allows you to set multiple targets and let them run automatically in a sequence you specified. You can also set Auto Swipe. Just tap the Enable button under the Multi-Target Mode panel to start or hit the Settings for further configuration.

Auto ClickerFeatures

Single Target Mode– The app can automatically perform repeated taps on a certain target at any location with any interval time you specify.

Multi-Target Mode– With the multi-target mode, you can assign the app to do repeated taps in a certain sequence. You can easily configure the setting in just a few quick taps.

Auto-Swipe– If the app or the game requires some swiping, Auto Clicker is absolutely a great tool to use. You can assign auto swipes and set location and interval time you want.

Support Stop Timer– This app supports Stop Timer and you can have a global timer to run for a certain amount of time.


Download & Install Auto Clicker

For Android

  1. Auto Clicker requires an Android version 7.0 and higher
  2. It has a Content Rating of (3+) which makes it suitable for all age groups.
  3. For Android, the app size is 4.8 MB so it won’t really hurt much of your phone storage
  4. Auto Clicker can work even if you are offline. However, if the gaming app requires connection, you might need to have a stable Internet.

Download Auto Clicker